SuperGreen Heroes: more than a brand or a sales platform, a MOVEMENT

Many people have difficulties understanding where we are heading right now. Before being my partner, Anaïs, stylist of Les Récupérables and artistic director of Ethipop, was my friend. She is my friend. We share strong values regarding the fashion industry and life in general. We have thought of who we were and what we wanted to do before launching a brand or starting an ethical fashion community.

Les Récupérables or Ethipop are channels to spread our messages and apply our vision: ethical fashion is fashion, the niche can become the norm if we work hard enough to push it through. We realized that what we are doing was bigger than us, more valuable than a brand or a shop or events, or pop-up stores: we are starting a movement that is part of the Fashion Revolution, to build our french point of view and have a say on the European Fashion Ethical Scene. This movement is called SuperGreen Heroes.


Counscious that alone it is difficult to set up a change, we are building a community where AESTETICS is as important as ETHICS because if it is about people, pleasure and positivity and that clothes are not only practical, they also have to make you look and feels good. We are certainly quite radical on this point as we are practical women who like style and won't make people suffer to wear a nice dress because it is possible to do so in 2016.

Transparency is key and it is something we need to improve. We need to be a voice and not just a platform. We have to inform people about the pieces, products they are buying or wearing, hand in hand with designers. I have worked in retail for many years before launching Ethipop, this is something that we are not use to encounter except if you look at the food or cosmetics industry, more advanced on that sense (ex. La vie Claire or The Body Shop when Anita Roddick was still at the governance).

The triangle we have at heart is: people, society and environment. And the designers we are working with are struggling to do their best around this 3 key elements. We are aware that they cannot do this at once but we will support them as we are pushing ourselves to bring the best of each direction we sustain such as: local or international know how, environment, natural and bio fibers, humanitarian causes, social impact. No one is perfect and all directions cannot be tackled at once. But after several years, brands like Pachacuti have shown us that it is possible to have it all, it just takes time and willingness.


Our vision of retail

Since our first pop-up store, and while working on our brand selection, we've been thinking of how to innovate regarding retail in order to build tomorrow's shopping experience.

One where the people, the clients are in the center of everything: the way the place is invested with our values, how people will feel when enjoying the ethipop experience through their senses as well as regarding the brands' selection or our home brand Les Récupérables. 

Our manifesto is simple and buit around 3 pillars: ethics, quality and open-mindness. Each time we organise a pop-up store or when we think of our ideal Ethipop store, we want these 3 dimensions to be present:

Ethics by supporting and developing designers' actions, as they contribute positively to the economical, ecological and social development of the fashion industry

Quality : bringing together partners with a common vision regarding traceability, creativity and human relationships.

Open-mindedness : creating alternative stores where responsible and ethical consumption is made accessible to a everyone .

We are already thinking about logistics, how to touch people elsewhere in the world since day 1, how to make sure we build the right path for emergent designers as well as more established brands with different needs.

We sometimes describe ourselves as Fashion Hackers: we are not starting a revolution because it has started before us but we will use the fashion system, and do our best to innovate to make sure our designers' community "has a seat at the table" and a say on how fashion will be tomorrow.