Pied de biche: 1/2 vegetal tanning to reduce water waste or how a young brand tries to have ethics.

It is very hard to be ethical on the whole chain value . But it is always better to start somewhere than not do it at all. Pied the biche is a shoe brand that has just launched its crowdfunding campaign yesterday!

We met with Mathieu, one of the co-founders and we were charmed to hear that on their level, the brands tries to be councious of their waste. They produce their shoes in Portugal. Function on a pre-order before purchase model. And, what got our attention: they've decided to use 1/2 vegetal tanning, to reduce water waste.

Vegetal tanning is less water-soluble and more resistant to bacterial attack. It occurs naturally in the bark and leaves of many plants

Therefore, buying shoes using this process as a citizen of the earth, is participating to waste reduction: what about that!

Who said ethical fashion wasn't fashionable ?!