Ethipop Store #1 x Nature Ja-Yeon @ Atelier Meraki

Ethipop was born to answer a fundamental question: WHY & HOW can we have a positive impact on the fashion ecosystem today?

Ethipop engage itself in enhancing and supporting responsible and solidary designers, in order to give a meaning to their actions, matching ethics and aesthetics.

This action can be partial or complete, it is the positive action that we support and stand for. We don't want to judge but we want to work hand in hand with brands in order that they do more.

Clothes, cosmetics, accessories are the reflection of our identity. More than simple equipments, they express our values.

More than being beautiful, they make us wonder of good and the way of associating these 2 notions, for each and one of us daily.

Without being pretentious, Ethipop store was giving the possibility to discover innovative and engaged designers.