Les Récupérables : a practical example of how clothes get a 2nd life!

Last night, while in NYC, the fashion week was going on, we were enjoying Les Récupérables fashion show in Paris. Les Récupérables. is a concrete utopia that became possible, thanks to La Petite Rockette.


La Petite Rockette is an organization collecting clothes, objects and materials when owners don't need them anymore. It handles, on a specific territory: a gathering center, enhancing pieces and objects and educating towards environmental issues. Their activity is focused on taking care of waste.

The story of Les Récupérables. started lasts summer, when the organization collected textiles and clothes and that one of their members, Anaïs Dautais Warmel became the manager of the organization first second hand clothes shop, in the 11th quarter of Paris called La toute Petite Rockette. She started to imagine a brand based on ethical Fashion: giving a second life to clothes by reinventing new pieces reusing old ones.

The collection "Y'a plus de saison ma P`tite Dame" is going to shake your wardrobe!

Kimona, Versus, Montgolfière are the label iconic models, all handmade. Flowery prints, graphical colorful shapes, and sometimes psychedelic are the artistic director playing field, when using fabrics like curtains, old apron or even linen. In her shapes, you will find Japanese inspirations flirting with a glimpse of a wonderful tea time in a french garden.

Les  Récupérables. is for all women in any occasion, during day time as well as night time and yield to men  entreaties, offering them, for the first time, pieces ready to be taken off.