Boudoir des Lubies: traditional craftsmanship enhanced by an architect.

This morning we met with Myra Taguelmint. Myra wanted to express her vision of beauty. 5 years ago, her desire was to create a new IT BAG for contemporary woman. She launched 'Boudoir des Lubies'.

When looking at her collections, you will discover that she loves geometrical shapes and precise cuts. 

In order to create a strong universe, Boudoir des Lubies it's also silk squares, jewelries and candles. All pieces support french craftsmanship selected by Myra among those having the label of "l’entreprise du patrimoine vivant". Producing local pieces is Myra's way in having a social impact within the chain value. To go further, Myra dies her pieces with biodyeing, in order to reduce her water waste. Fashion + Ethics = just what we love.

We were touched and inspired by her love for her clients, putting them in the center of everything. She wants the best quality for them and has an eye for details (finishing for instance).

Each model has the name of a parisian street from the 7th quarter, which gives more life to her pieces and echoes her youth, as she studied in that quarter.

The best way to have a glimpse of what is the Boudoir des Lubies' world, is that you just enjoy the e-boudoir or go and have a look at her boutique.