Abury: magical moroccan craftsmanship

When looking after brands for the pleasure of our clients, we always try to put ourselves in their shoes. And frankly, when feeling the current parisian cold, the only think we could think of was sun, a nice traditional cup of tea and generosity from a friendly country. First thing that came into our mind (probable the fact that it is close by) was Morocco. So we started looking for a brand enhancing the moroccan heritage and BAM! We discover Abury

Abury was created in 2008 by Andrea Kolb after she went to renovate an old house in this beautiful country. She fell in love with the strong heritage the country has to offer when she encountered woman and men enhancing their legacy through handicraft, mostly within the leather field (carving, sewing, embroidering...).

To make sure that this magical craftmanship doesn't disappear, she decided to partner with woman and man in there, in order to make sure their traditions could live, and be exposed on an international stage though the 21st century and after.

The brand is a chain that sustain itself through: international designers who go to craft communities and exchange knowledge between the old and the edgy world. It is the production of timeless and unique collections, sold in limited editions. Thanks to the Abury foundation, trainings can be provided to all communities within the production process.

Abury has built a sustainable chain and help many communities to be able to live doing their passion, which is completely Ethipop spirit.